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The odd and the beautiful

The odd and the beautiful
  Adriana Moşoiu
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A thousand years
Collector's Corner
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Adriana Moşoiu

Publicat Duminică, 10 Decembrie 2006, ora 16:35

      Fiction and reality. Fashion and reality. Fiction and fashion. What do they have in common? Who draws the line? And where?
      Fiction and fashion shows have the same ingredients: sets, plot, characters and tons of imagination. They both take the viewer to worlds that primarily exist in the imagination of the writer/designer. After watching a fashion show, it's easier to understand how Nabokov's Humbert Humbert was feeling in the presence of Lolita. It's all about the voyeur lying inside each of us. The same curiosity that pushes us to take a sneaky look at the season's sexy swimsuits, makes us grab a book and try to discover the product of writer John John's imagination. It's as simple as that. Curiosity means desire. Desire means lust. An intense longing to find out what's under the mask that model X / character Z is wearing. And why. There will always be bad guys and good guys. Bad gals and good gals. It's up to you which side you're standing on. If you're neutral, you're the type of reader that jumps to the end of the book, out of boredom.
      I'm ready to gamble my daily cheese pie on the fact that every fashion designer would make a good writer. And the other way around: with a little help from his friends, every writer would make a good designer. Cause they both take good care of their characters. They both know when and how to reveal their characters to the public. How to tell their story beyond the language barrier. Beyond the hermetism of words and colors, images and fabrics.
      "The stones open an eye of stone,
      the bones open an eye of bone.
      Each dog has a snout in place of its eyes, and barks
      from three snouts, generously.
      It's a constant transforming of eyes in the air.
      The eye of the cat turns into leaves.
      The leaves murmur a sweet lament
      in the sockets of the mother cats.
      My eyes remain open and misted.
      My eye blinks in the town council tower,
      and suddenly I sense in my sockets,
      with infant in arms, the statues of Mary."
      (Nichita Stanescu, "Public clock with statues", English version by Thomas Carlson and Vasile Poenaru.)
      Fashion is continually changing and so is literature. From Greek tragedies to experimental poetry, from Shakespeare's sonets to the "2001 Space Odyssey". From wearable clothes to awkward gowns, extremely short and very tight. Beyond rules or chaos.

© Copyright Adriana Moşoiu
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