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The Rhapsody

homage to Queen

Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 10 Decembrie 2006, ora 16:38

      There they were four worlds and their death. They were four far away galaxies heading to nothingness. The void was ready to take its reward from each galaxy, the fruit of everyone’s core: four civilizations.

      The galaxies were one step away of total disintegration, sending their civilizations to chaos.

      Altair... Tall beautiful creatures with long hair falling on their shoulders, singing in an angelic voice… And above all their qualities, they were the best space pilot universe has ever had…

      Terra... The humankind full of its world contradictions: thousands of names for the same thing, thousands of things serving the same purpose…

      Mirena... It was a people of amazing intelligence and extraordinary skills in science. Tall, their faces always seems to have a gentle smile… It is a smile that hides artificial intelligence achievements far formerly their time…

      Riga... Beings living in a perfect symbiosis with nature… Physically immortals, they can only cease existing in a complete disintegration… Fair-hair, their mysterious beauty can be compared only to their perfect body…




      - Which will be the one to save? There could be only one. Which one? the Entity asked.

      - We cannot decide! the Entity answered. Let’s take one of each civilization to a new born specie, so they can help it to grow. We can then decide…




      They stood their, the four chosen ones. They were taken from their worlds because they were the best; except for the humans, so different so unlike each other… But in the end there he was: average, wearing a mustache to cover his not-so-handsome face…

      - You may proceed, the Entity spoke.

      The one from Altair told the primitives about his world, about space flight, about the attempt of catching the Universe itself in your hand and about the unbelievable feeling of floating in void. He taught them how to built spaceships and flying suits; he spoke a long time and they listened with care. In the end, he said:

      - When you fly you have many homes: dozens, hundreds, thousands as many planets in the galaxy… That’s as far as you can go. And when a planet dies you can still keep on going. Those who want to live forever should listen to me…

      The Entity sighed and looked at him through his eyes made of energy. And then it asked:

      - What if the whole galaxy crushes?

      The one from Altair looked down and stepped back.

      It was the time for the one from Mirena. He taught them how to build robots and how to work so they can be prosperous. He spoke about artificial intelligence and what mechanisms can do.

      - You want to break free? Build robots, factories, machines… They’ll set you free from everything...

      The primitives bend their heads satisfied. But the Entity sighed again and asked him through its voice of ether:

      - What if the whole galaxy crushes?

      The one from Mirena went to his place bowing his head.

      And the one from Riga came along. He taught them about the biologic immortality and about the infinite regeneration. He showed them how to recreate the whole from one piece and spoke about how perfect things can be.

      - It’s a kind of magic, he said. Try to rise again from every little piece of you and you’ll be ruling the galaxy!

      - Oh, yeah! the primitives cheered.

      Once again the Entity sighed and went back to its eons. And then it asked in a sad voice:

      - What if the whole galaxy crushes?

      The one from Riga bit his lips and shut up.

      It was only the human left. He took a stick and started to draw little sketches in the sand, and then he gathered some rocks and built a funny little house, useless but pretty. And then he sang; the Universe stopped its bit for a second. He looked down to the primitives and said:

      - I cannot help you. I really know nothing at all. All I ever do is dream. I compose rhapsodies of colors, toys and songs. Start dreaming yourself and maybe you’ll get through…

      The primitives were shocked. Only the Entity opened its eyes and asked full of hope:

      - What if the whole galaxy crushes?

      - Then maybe your dreaming-singing-painting-playing soul will be able to fly far away in a safe place and come back to life again!

      Billions of light-years away, three galaxies fell into nothingness.


© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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