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The religious century

The religious century
  Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 4 Februarie 2007, ora 16:38

       “The 21st century will be a religious one or it won’t be at all.”

      I hear those words almost every day told by different people from every social level. They say it in my face, they say it in the columns of some newspaper, they say it on TV or on the radio. You can search the Internet and you’ll find many sites promoting the same expression.

      This phrase marked the ending of the previous century and the beginning of this one. Should we take it as the idea of a paranoid? Should we trust it as a warning and act concerning it? Should we just ignore it and keep going as we always did before?

      The human race loved Big Endings. The end of the world was announced many times. There were numbers predestinated for that. I guess I’ll never forget the fight for the End of the World in the fall of the second millennium of this era. It was a fight provoked by the fact that it has never been a ZERO year. Where can we place the End of the World then? Could it be in the end of 1999 or one year later? If we want to make a joke we might say that even that Big Ending was pretty unsure about that and tried to avoid it.

      Still, the affirmation remains: “The 21st century will be a religious one or it won’t be at all.” Why is that?

      Are we more aggressive than before? No. Are we fighting more often? No. Are our wars more dangerous? Yes. The push of a button can blow the entire world off from Mexico to Indonesia and from Greenland to Antarctica.

      But can religion do something about it? What is the difference between the reasons of the ancient wars and those in our days? None. There always was an economical reason covered in a political or religious skin. Religion even made wars more merciless and cruel. The Christians and the Moslems fought in many occasions. There were the Crusades. We called those times the Dark Ages, but what can we hear in Iraq? Jihad, Jihad, moans the desert.

      We look to the west and we see Moslems and Jews fighting, while in the east Hindu cannot live with Moslems. Christianity buried in blood and fire the Native Americans and the tribes of Africa. Every single thought about a possible God turns into a religion. The new religions fight against idolatry and find themselves years later in the same idolatry that they are now unable to see. The Jews religion emerged from the Egyptian and Acadian ideas about God, destroying their idols and replacing them with Yahweh, the God. They made then rituals, closing themselves in a shell which the Christians tried to break. Reduced to its essence, the Christianity can be described by the demolition of the temple made by Jesus. But it was the council of Nicea which made idols for this religion too. From the same tree rose the Moslems, with the great respect of Mohammed for Jews and Christians. We can now see Moslems smashing those people.

      The concept of Tao was a philosophy beyond any material or spiritual relation. Taoism is now a religion with many myths and Gods. The adepts of Zarathustra locked themselves into their dogma, not letting anybody in. They grow thinner each year; the fire from there temples – never turned off throughout the centuries – will become ashes. The Buddhism was a very fine concept. We now have the Buddhism of India, of Tibet, of Japan and thousand others. We have the Moslems divided in two. We have the Christians breaking each year in more and more sects.

      There are sects fighting against each other within a religion which fights against another. Could this be our salvation?

      Could we hope that we will have only one religion after all? The New Age maybe?

      “The history teaches us that we never learn from history”.

      I’m afraid this phrase is true. We have Gods and / or we fight against Gods. This means that religion will never be able to save this world.

      Are we doomed then? Can’t we just limit ourselves to a spiritual concept that will eventually allow us to live in harmony?

      Yes, we can. For a while. Then we’ll transform the concept into a God. We’ll say prayers for him and we’ll build temples. He will become an idol. People will do great things for this idol and will become heroes.

      Our heroes.

      Against your heroes.

      Together fighting their heroes.


© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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