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Us and them

Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 18 Februarie 2007, ora 18:59

       I guess human mind was not meant to be alone in the Universe. Humans find hard to accept there is nothing else all over this immensity except for them.
      Try for example to take a look at the skies in a perfect night with stars shining all over. Try to think that you are much less than any of the tiniest little candles you see over there. You are less than a drop in the ocean. You start thinking that there must be something else except for us in this infinity that our minds are unable to conceive. All of a sudden, your problems disappears, nothing troubles you any more. You feel like being part of something instead of managing your own chaotic bag of worries.
      If there must be something out there, we feel safe in a way. I’m not talking here about psychos, but the regular kind of man.
      Some people call that something God. Some call it aliens. And some call them both.
      While figuring that you are not the only race in the Universe you feel the safety of the membership. And it has been proven by Maslow and other people that one of man needs is the affiliation to something. We have to be part of something. A family, a city, a club, a religion, a region, a country, a race, a planet, a solar system, a galaxy and so on and so on.
      So is it God real? If we think of him as a spiritual concept, we come in no contradiction with the need we were talking about. A God like this serves only the purpose of safety and soul peace which we’ve already seen is the effect of admiring the skies. If we have for a God a more complex concept, it becomes a free forum for all of us to expose our own theories about his existence.
      Are there aliens around? I’m not talking here about bacteria; I’m talking about a superior creature, evolved to the standard of what we call now civilization, though we should give this concept a sphere of interpretation as large as possible.
      So are there aliens? Statistics are also an ally and an enemy. It is not impossible, but unlikely that we were the jackpot of a huge Bingo game. Considering the immensity of the Universe not only in space but also in time, we could accept the fact that the conditions that made us possible appeared elsewhere too. And not only that they’ve appear but this might have happened many times.
      However, it is obvious that Creation asks for only one miracle, while Evolutions asks for thousands of them. Could it be possible that – even considering the age and dimension of the Universe – the special chain of miracles took place in more than one place and moment?
      It is also possible that there was only one civilization in the Universe and it gave birth at many others. After all, we’re one step away from creating life forms ourselves. And this civilization could have been the creation of a God or not. It doesn’t matter.
      What really matters is that we don’t want to be alone. Many people swore they saw aliens or even touched them. It is as hard to believe them as it is to prove they are lying or hallucinating.
      It is not impossible to be the only ones in the Universe. It is unlikely.
      And till now humankind showed it is not prepared to face this almost limitless Universe alone.
      We might be alone but we need to think that we are not.

© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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