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The paradox of our life

The paradox of our life
  Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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My values vs. yours
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Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 11 Martie 2007, ora 06:54

      Sometime ago, a friend of mine showed me a small program called “Interview with God”. Beyond being nice and relaxing, it presented some interesting ideas. One of them said that humans spend their health to gain money in their youth, while in their days of old they spend their money to regain health.
      Teenagers can hardly wait the day they’ll be able to live by themselves. They get jobs as early as possible, they move out, they work hard to make their way of living. Having a respectable position in the society requires most of their day-time as well as having one or more well-paid jobs, a family, a house, a car/a TV set / a PC / etc., going out at a restaurant or a picnic, participating at social events.
      Unfortunately, there are only 24 hours a day which remains about 16-18 hours if we count the most-necessary sleep-time. From that time, very much is spent on the road, rushing from here to there, which means they are all the time under pressure. It is the pressure of being efficient at work, the pressure of spending some time with the family, the pressure of counting the money to spend all day long. It is not a mystery the fact that most marriage fails because of stress. The partners don’t have enough time to spend with each other, they become unable to listen to the other’s problems while they are surrounded by their shadows.
      It is also true that going up in a company structure requires more and more time spent at work, physically or psychically. Usually, the company board is not interested that we don’t want to get higher, that we are satisfied with our actual position. A company growth is well established and if a piece is not working out as it was expected it is thrown away.
      We can loose our family, our job, continuing with our house, car and so on.
      What we do not count here is our health. We lose it anyway, despite the fact we can handle our marriage, job and social life. It’s the way to be; we grow older and older. But all we do pushed by everyday stress it to rush our health to its grave. We don’t have time left to take care of ourselves. One day we’ll know that we are respected, by our criteria anyway, in the society. That will be the day we’ll start a race against the illness that grew in our body all this time.
      Usually it’s too late. Our kidneys, our liver, our lungs, our heart, our stomach, our eyes are not of any good to us. Actual medicine has done remarkable progress but this is not enough in most cases. And what is more important is that there is one sickness that is almost impossible to remove.
      The neural system is damaged, consumed as a candle left to burn to much time.
      We spend our health to gain money, and then we spend our money to regain health.
      Is it worthy? Does all this weird game, does all this paradox mean something? Is it necessary? Is it normal?
      I’ve heard people saying that this is the spice of our lives. Without it, life would be boring and useless.
      I’ve also heard people saying that we should leave this waste of life and return to our origins, to live the way nature calls.
      What would be better than? To climb to the higher peak and fall the next minute into the abyss or to walk on a plain, unnoticed, unknown, and to keep walking till we disappear beyond the horizon?
      At least we know what Johnny Walker thinks…

© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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