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Pale horse dying

Pale horse dying
  Jerry Vilhotti
The Gift
The only thing we have to fear…is not trying
Oedipus Crying
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Jerry Vilhotti

Publicat Duminică, 1 Aprilie 2007, ora 15:36

      "We'll take our religion like the Bahai guys - one step forward - and make another book be born respecting all people.
      Listen Tom, my good friend and sort of like an almost brother-cousin to me, Johnny "The Bap" will be the secular king and I'll be like the son of God showing the way to the light. That could be a song!
      Once I was blind now I see the light! All the rest of you guys make sure you marry and if your wives have kids within three years - you marry them again - and then it can be said all your children like me were born of a virgin so perpetuating our Essene beliefs. Now we got to have a peg to make our reforms hang on and catch.
      Judas make sure I have two super tough zealots like that Barabbas guy hanging by my sides because even with broken legs they'll still be able to get me out of the tomb. Now make dead sure their garments are doused with the antidote so later I can drink it to get rid of the sleeping poison in my system I took before they started crucifying me - making the Gestapo, the self haters and the phony temple Talmud thinking leaders think I was coping out! And the bastards think power and evil will defeat evil and I say Love - the lamb will!
      See? They won't break the legs of a dead man. Ever see a dead man walk? And then, we three from inside will push the big rock aside and no guards will be around to see this because silver pieces will render them dumb and blind. I only went along with the fools on resurrection thinking the fear of death would be the tool to control minds so they wouldn't stop my truth: that all living beings were sacred and could come back to play in a game of loving life. Would you squish your mother if she came back as a lady bug or a snake? But once I had gotten to the point the people believed me and instead had not fallen on my head out of bed over all the parables I said being a carpenter - I would have proposed reincarnation to make a better world and had cleared away their bullshit like I did when I flipped out in the temple where the greedy half-men bastards had made a bank of it and that's why I say those who glean moneys to elevate their self-worth upon the backs of "suffer the poor" - they will wallow in their shit till hell freezes with their dark stains on their souls - and all those so-called religions that keep people in line with fear of dying will die too! No, don't fear! I didn't mean to sound like a second coming of a Fourth Reich that followed the Third which followed the Second one out of Rome from those who bastardized my honest intentions for the scent of money and always hung around the powerful making little children suffer! Do you understand? How do I make the dead see?" Christ said angrily as all the disciples were giving Him the Burywater stare: mouths gaping as a frown furrowed their brows ....
      How would he ever make the dead see the pale horse was just an ending to a living and nothing to fear but fear itself? That if meaning was a part of their existence they would come back in another form or even in a good memory. "Let there be honey!"

© Copyright Jerry Vilhotti
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