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Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 29 Aprilie 2007, ora 18:44

       This week, an extraordinary person that I use to “e-talk” called me “friend”. I was very honored by that fact, but it also maid me wonder. Though I e-talk with this person every day, we never had the chance to meet face to face till now and I really doubt this will ever happen. We’re separated by thousands of miles, including mountains, rivers, plains and oceans. Yet, there’s easier to share your deepest thoughts and fears to somebody you KNOW you might never see. Its first impression about what you say remains covered in the body of an e-mail; usually, this is the second or the third impression, polished by thinking of the subject a little longer. You don’t know if the person you’re writing to is laughing at what you’ve wrote; it may laugh, than it will write you a polite thing that doesn’t show that first gesture. It makes you feel safe.
      You are also protected by the preconceived ideas every person can have. Those ideas generally appear when you SEE somebody and it starts with the body: it’s tall, it’s fat, it’s ugly, etc. People use to wear a mask when confronting the others, a mask used to cover their real thought and weaknesses. When you write to somebody, you are not very careful to use that mask; you let go more and more of your true self. That mask can confuse the other people, who aren’t interested to dig beyond the surface. They take you as they see you behave. You may be a very romantic soul, but in order to cover that – so you won’t get hurt, or laughed at – you act aggressive, heartless. The one that sees you takes you for an annoying person; the one that reads your letters takes you for a gentle soul.
      Looking from this perspective, the one you are e-talking is closer to your soul than somebody who sees you all the time. Normally, you consider friend somebody closer to your soul, not someone that stops its search to your shell.
      But is this all friendship means? People you see every day also get the chance in knowing you better. They can do it peace by peace when drinking a beer together, when walking in the park, when working in the same office or when going in the same place for holidays. When you want to do something you cannot possibly call the people from the other side of the Earth to say: “Hi, are you free this afternoon? I’d like to rearrange my furniture and I could use a hand…” Well, you can do it, but it might get much more expensive than the beer you’re buying for the one who helped you when the job is done.
      Maybe the people you meet every day won’t get to know you as good as the person from god-knows-where does. But they are always there to help you, to cheer you up or to keep you company.
      In order to become a better person, you need of course to be honest to yourself, but you also need somebody that could show you where you are wrong and when what you say doesn’t fit to what you are thinking or feeling. It’s harder for the people that read only what you want to write about you – even thou those are your true feelings – to help you get better. They don’t know where you are REALLY making mistakes. They can only help you limited to what you’ve said about you.
      Despite its danger of starting preconceived ideas, the “visual contact” helps in being objective. But is it that enough to let out the word “friend”?
      Both types of persons can be categorized as friends, I guess. Yet there relation with us is as different as the moon from the sun. Shouldn’t we than separate them somehow?
      But how?

© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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