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My values vs. yours

My values vs. yours
  Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 20 Mai 2007, ora 11:13

      The summer is here, warmness is in the air, birds are singing in the sky, butterflies are flying throughout plains covered in pretty flowers. Here in my country it is the time children end their school classes and go on a very welcomed vacation. It is the time to catch the train for grandma’s far house in the village, it is the time for taking a daily swim in the lazy river’s arms, it is the time for the long time ago planned expedition in a strange cave somewhere in a mountain’s core.
      It is the time of their lives.
      Yet school should not be forgotten. The exercise books are waiting on the shelf for they will be filled with the homework teachers gave for the vacation. There are some math exercises to be solved, some compositions and some books to be read.
      My brother’s biggest son already started reading. This is an activity he very much enjoys. He mixes up what he likes to read with the books on the teacher’s list. The first category couldn’t be easily categorized; the boy finds many books in his parents’ library and reads what comes. Some of them he understands and he likes, some of them are not for his age and at a certain point he gives up.
      The second category is “scientificallyµ maid; it includes “what everybody has to readµ, “the literary valuesµ. The child was reading one of these books just yesterday when I was visiting him. There were many words he didn’t know – though, as I said, he reads many books; there were words people don’t usually use anymore in our days. After a while he threw away the book and said: “I don’t like it!µ “Why?µ I asked. “I don’t understand what happens!µ
      I am talking here about a child that uses to read almost as much as his other classmates all together. He is appreciated for this, but if he doesn’t read what “it has to be readµ he might get a bad mark.
      That event reminded me of another one. I once had a girlfriend who loved Dostoyevsky’s work. She was thrilled about it. That was the time I used to read Dune’s sequel about ten times a year. Normally, we tried to share each others passions. Few days later we met and threw anxiously the other one’s book. “I couldn’t finish itµ I said. “Nothing happens in this god damn book. Dostoyevsky has no idea about how a book should be written!µ My girlfriend looked at me and said: “I would use those exact words for Dune. I couldn’t finish it either.µ
      Dostoyevsky is considered one of the greatest writers. So does Hugo, Balzac, Tolstoy and other writers I was never able to read more then a few dozen pages. I wasn’t even able to finish Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twistµ for considering it boring.
      That is a thing I am criticized for. “There are values you have to knowµ I’m being said. But can art be classified? A piece of art might be a masterpiece for one’s eyes and kitsch for somebody else while the third one find it indifferent and the forth one only interesting.
      Why should some piece of art be considered “a value necessary to knowµ? If its author hasn’t found the proper tools for ME to understand it, it’s kitsch for me no matter if 6 billion peoples like it! Van Gogh was not appreciated in his days and now he is considered one of the greatest painters ever! Were his contemporary stupid or we are? Or maybe none is? Or all together?
      Perhaps we should leave this for the next week editorial.

© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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