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Spare parts

Things we are ashamed of

Roxana Brinceanu

Publicat Duminică, 20 Mai 2007, ora 11:15

      Dolly had to die. Dolly had to leave this life, a too short, too painful life. Old before her time, with problems that were not hers, unable to be herself, famous for not being herself. Not because Dolly was just a sheep. All that happened because Dolly was NOT a sheep.
      Is it a hypocrite tear in the corner of your eye? Poor Dolly! It is not moral! Where will we go from here? What are you thinking of? Cloning a human being? Cloning ME?!
      This is the point where problems begin. More tears come into your eyes and you shout louder. You try to look angry, scandalized, you try to convince everybody you are a respectable person with a strong moral sense, you believe in God and respect human rights. This so called scientific enterprise is outrageous! We won’t permit it!
      A geneticist, who is also a priest, wrote: “Although a clone would be an identical, but much younger twin of the adult, people are more then the sum of their genes. A clone of a human being would have a different environment that the person whose DNA it carried and so would have to be a different person. It would have to have a different soul.µ
      After all, a clone is an independent person, wouldn’t it have rights as normal humans have? Do we go towards a new slavery? Is there something we can do to stop it?
      Now, imagine you have a heart disease and you need a transplant. Someone have to die for you. And quickly! Someone compatible. Someone whose family will permit you to use their relative’s heart as a spare part. Think! How many chances you have? What about a clone of yourself, disposable in every moment, genetically identical to you? A younger, healthier, YOU? Would you refuse such a chance? Would you still claim it has the same human rights as anybody else or would you say, no, it is not a person, it is a “thingµ made in a lab just to help ME? Your life or your clone’s life? Your survival or the other’s? Come on, it’s easy!
      What do you see deep down in your soul? Compassion or surviving instinct? When it’s you against another being, what’s your priority?
      You pretend to be ashamed of your animal instincts. Hunger, shelter, sex, survival. You pose as an educated, superior, high level being, not governed by instincts, capable of mercy, spiritual love and self sacrifice. Is it true? Deep in your self, is it true?
      Face it, you would LOVE to have slaves. Not a machine, not a robot, but a human being totally submitted to your will. You would love to have your health insured by some clones ready to give their lives for you to have a better heart, liver, kidney, eyes.
      Be honest to yourself. Think of your own children. Don’t you wish for them to be a clone of yourself, without any influence from the other parent, to have your face and your skills, to do what you wanted to do, to be what you wanted to be, to be just another you and you only?
      Don’t pretend to be scandalized by the human cloning experiments. Of course you wouldn’t like to clone your neighbours or your mother-in-law, but having suitable spare parts for your body anytime you need, that’s another story!

© Copyright Roxana Brinceanu
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