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Tears of a star

Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 3 Iunie 2007, ora 14:41

       Anoukenue stopped picking fruits when the shadows of the evening were tracing dark profiles over the bushes and the trees all around the village. Climbed up few branches higher, Karakatana shouted happily and rolled down in a hurry.

      The men were turning back from hunting.

      The other kids jumped on the ground willing to be the first at the most important event of the day. Like a bunch of lions falling on an antelope herd they ran to the men, hoping and shouting, grabbing their hands and waving.

      The men answered back with sad smiles and Anoukenue saw that their pray was reduced to only two rabbits. The kids were always enjoying the sight of any creature within their hands – even if it was a poor partridge – but for the men turning back bent headed and for the worried looking women the thing were not as pretty at all.

      ¥It’s all on fireµ, heard Anoukenue the whispers of his parents every night he was sneaking out the hut, laying on the ground and counting the stars. “The air is heavy, the forest is sick, and the land is loosing its potency. You can see dying animals crawling to the poisoned springs and they cannot go on.µ

      ¥They cannot go onµ could mean that they are dead and their souls passed away into the shadows world. At least those were the first explanations Anoukenue had for his parent words. Later, he saw that things were not as simple as he thought they were. Mulutamba caws were all alive since he was admiring from beneath the crown of the small tree in the corner of the hut. The roosters, the hens and the goats were running like always throughout the village dust and they were continuously multiplying. Anoukenue concluded that his parent senseless words should have been taken literary. Being poisoned made the spring an element of the evil and everybody knew that those places were covered with swamps and ravines; once there, the animals were incapable to move further. Once this aspect clarified, Anoukenue proudly solved the mystery.

      ¥We can’t get enough foodµ his parents were saying. Well THAT was indeed an expression which he found himself unable to understand. Since he was just a little baby he had his breakfast as a handful of mash followed by as many fruits as he could hide in the harvest hours and finally, it was a daintiness fillet of nightfall. He has never had more or less than that; of course, while he would get older and his organism – stopping his growth – would constantly ask for less food, he would have only a pair of mushrooms. He never saw an adult eating more than that and he was often wondering how it could have been possible to have enough of the sweet taste of the fruits and the meat.

      ¥It Obviously is a matter of the Body Metamorphosis!µ declaimed him in front of the silly little kids whose belly hang near to the ground between the thin deformed legs.

      More than that, adults really appreciated kids trying to grow up by eating less than normal. His mother used to tell him stories till he fell asleep every night he was giving his ration to a leer sick poor child. “So that he forgets about his hunger!µ answered her to his father admonishments of spoiling him to much.

      So Anoukenue was happy for the returning village men not only for seeing them with there hunt but for the pleasure of turning back with two rabbits instead of an antelope or something bigger. That would certainly lead to a nighttime story.

      ¥My favorite!µ asked him when the time came. His mother smiled and started:

      ¥A long time ago there was nothing but the infinite dark universe. No land or water existed those days. And there was no prettier or prouder star but the Sun. All the other stars sight and turned red in his presence and they were waiting for the day the Sun would decide to get married. That day came but the Sun had no eyes for any good-looking star. His heart was stolen by the lonely, pale and mysterious Moon. The stars plotted against her and chained her, all of them staying guardians so the Sun was unable to find her. Since that day the Sun send his rays in every dark corner in order to find his heart-mate. The stars keep her away of his sight but there are also some of them crying for loosing him. There burning tears light up the sky forever recalling their pain.µ

      When the story was over, Anoukenue was already sleeping. Yet he heard the story so many times that it continued in his dreams, caressed by the withered lungs wheezed respiration and his viscera hungry noise.

      When the morning gently poured his light over the village the men were long gone hunting and the women were hard-working around their huts. Anoukenue ate the handful of mash his mother made and ran into the forest to play hide-and-seek with the other children.

      He arrived into a glade and while searching for a place to hide his eyes turned up to the skies. He remained speechless for an instant than a happy smile covered his hollow cheeks

      - Mom! Mom! he started shouting while running back to the village. Look mom, tears of a star!

      All the women hurried to the gates of the village. The last image in their wide opened eyes was the shadow of a running Anoukenue in a landscape of an apocalyptic nuclear explosion.


© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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