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Tales of when I started to like motorcycles (I)

  Maria Stoica
Tales of when I started to like motorcycles (II)
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Maria Stoica

Publicat Duminică, 18 Aprilie 2010, ora 17:15

      1. A visit at the Yamaha assembly department
      I once went with a friend of mine to the assembly department of the Yamaha Motors industry as a response to an invitation from another friend. One of the workmen kindly showed us through all the steps: first painting the aluminum frame, then build the engine, then put together the rest of the motorbike. Towards the end of our tour, I saw something that caught my eye. The actual motorbike had attached to it many secondary parts called “bonnets” or “covers” which made the motorcycle look cooler, neater and close to a masterpiece. And the exhaust pipe was covered in such a bonnet, too and I always thought the huge light gray false pipe was the actual exhaust pipe.
      On our way home, my friend and I had to stop to refuel our car and while waiting to pay, we spotted a guy who seemed to have some problems with his motorcycle. Feeling like top experts in motorbikes after that excruciatingly dull tour (I didn’t say that) we decided to investigate the problem.
      “Hey!” said the guy. “My exhaust pipe is a bit rusty over there and it’s making a weird noise…”
      “Your problem is not as serious as it seems.” I impolitely interrupted him. “I mean that’s not the actual exhaust pipe.” and I kicked the pipe… and to my horror it fell to the ground with a great thump and made quite a mess as dark ash poured out of it and took to the sky. That was the actual exhaust pipe; the old bike model had no cover!
      “Damn it!” said the guy falling to his knees and petting the pipe. “I’m not leaving you, baby.” he continued still petting the pipe and looking at the motorbike.
      I grabbed my friend, threw him in the car and drove off as fast as the pedal allowed me to push. Eventually my friend told me through his laughs:
      “Next time… let me come up with the great ‘oh, lets help the poor fellow’ ideas.”

© Copyright Maria Stoica
Comentarii (1)  
doina milos
Marţi, 20 Aprilie 2010, ora 17:23

wonderful story ! I wish I were there just to see it

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