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Raluca Blănaru

Publicat Duminică, 20 August 2006, ora 11:39

      If I could, I’d let my soul escape from me, to run away, because I want to feel the emptiness that could grind even my unsignificant human feeling; or I’d destine my tears to the eternity, so they could become a vague measurement of it. I wish I could touch the very much coveted and the very much searched threshold, that can guide me to the impossible, to the perfection’s and absolute’s secrets…pleasures too bold for an anonymous person like me…
      The silence of the nights are urgeing me to stop my thoughts and to purify my mind, without letting even the most vague idea or knowledge to grasp in my thinking sphere. I feel how a tear is escaping and betrayes my suffering which tortures me for a long time and it’s exhausting my last powers. I’d want to cry of happines, but this feeling is becaming very foreigner to me and I’d like to feel it again…to feel that the the tear which is piercing my sad face so many times, can smile, the drop of saddness which slips letting cold traces to laugh of happines at the same time with me…
      I don’t think I could ever smile to the sky…no…because I know how much pain you caused me and I generally got unused to smile, my deep torture is locking every way to happiness. When I soothe my pain, I talk to the sky, to the stars, to that emperor that knows all my sadness (the moon), that’s why I cannot be happy no more, I destined myself to the eternal suffering just to wait for smiley tear…

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