I feel

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I feel

Raluca Blănaru

Publicat Duminică, 21 Ianuarie 2007, ora 11:20

      I feel how the silence is weighting on my shoulders of the hidden content which had covered my soul for a long time of my life…Charmed of the pleasure of the sadist enigma, I’m holding my calmness positive feeling in the bottom of my heart and I remain with the hope that sometimes it be etrusted to me the most espected moment of my life: the moment that I became idependent!
      I would have just one preoccupation left in this passing life of mine…to look for you and to have the power to recognize you is I find you…
      I wish now I hand the power to think positive and to hope that I’ll find you from my first searchings…but there are little chances for me to develop this kind of thought because of the powerful state of melancholy which seems to sequstrating behind the painful bars which don’t let me aspire for what I want…If I could escape, I’d run in the arms of hope…of the hope that I could find you…
      There are little things which can make me smile in these dense moments of sadness….they could still from me a short and dying smile which would betrayde the torture of escape…
      I have no more tears to cry, I have no more voice to pray, to pray to you that you come and find me and let me out from those tortures and sloul’s pain.
      The moment that I became independent it will remain always imprinted upon my mind, because then, the prison of the sorrow will liberate my soul, but until then I must carry out the punishment got for the fact that I had the courage to imagine you, because I passed over the un written rules of the selfish love…I dared imagine the person that will take my love and my heart away…

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