Odd feeling

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Odd feeling

Raluca Blănaru

Publicat Duminică, 1 Aprilie 2007, ora 15:37

      You must be conviced of something so you can believe it…you must know certainly that you don’t make a mistake, even the smallest detail mustn’t be left for causing you doubts…you must be sure that you know everything about what you want to believe.
      I’m sure of this, so I believe in it, I’m convinved that you must know these rules, so I believe in them.
      Many hypothesis I could utter, and many others to come from them and going on like this, I’d fill my head with questions.
      This is what I was thinking about on my way back home from school, it’s possible that I passed by someone I know and not being attentive enough for saying “hello”…even with this risk I continued thinking to this ideas which lead me on the wings of other world, for example the one of … colours. Yes! Maybe colours are just an optic ilusion that people have, maybe the world is black and white, or unichromatic, but the people see it or want to see it coloured! Everything is possilble!
      I arrive in front of a semaphore where I waited for a long time, and the red sign is stil lightining. Suddenly, I see an old person who risks and passes on “no passing”. Maybe he was in a hurry or he had no patience, but it doesn’t matter so much the reason because the most important is the fact that a speedy car refused to stop in the pedestrian’s favour. So, I was a witness to an accident, one that I didn’t even realised, the questions about existence were concerning me too much.
      I was wathing, but I was seeing anything…it seems impossible but that’s the way it happened! The hurt lady was trying to make me pay attention to her and to hepl her, because the less or more guilty car “condescended “ to leave the place. I was surprise to see myself responding at the request of the hurt lady and I helped her get up and I called the ambulance, car parked in front of a confectioner’s. I helped that the lady is transported to the hospital, but first I had to help the saving driver understand that the lady’s life is much more important than a whipcream cake.
      I was happy that I helped the society much or less, I keep on walking with the hope that it will never happened something else that will “wake me up” again from my odd feeling.

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