My values vs. yours II

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My values vs. yours II

Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan

Publicat Duminică, 27 Mai 2007, ora 09:03

      Humans feel the need to categorize and classify things. Everything that is today must belong into something and must be placed somewhere better than some and worst than others. Someone told me one day: “Everything that could have been created in art was created. You cannot add anything new only make something better than somebody else.µ
      If somebody creates a piece of art, we start butchering the work to find resemblances to the others past or present creations. To a certain point this is a good habit; the progress is strictly linked to making things better than it has been done before. Nevertheless, art is something firmly close to the author’s heart. It’s something personal and concerning the fact that we are all unique beings it is always something unique even if this is a coma that changes the meaning of an expression.
      There are people that we sympathize as well as they are people we don’t stand in our eyes. It doesn’t mean that some are good and some are bad; they are this way only concerning us. For somebody else the people we like might be annoying and the other ones a pleasant presence. Why shouldn’t we then accept the fact that we are able to understand some people soul exhibition (=art) while the others stuff might look blank to our eyes. The majority and minority argument is – I apologize for my words – a shameless hypocrisy. No one can tell me what I like and what I understand. I might be the only person in the entire world who likes a certain poem; it means this poem is VALUABLE to me. It isn’t bullshit for me only because the others consider it so and I am not stupid or tasteless for liking it.
      We say that we should cultivate our taste in art. Forgive me, but THIS is bullshit! I’ve seen children enjoying symphonic music as much as they enjoyed rock, rap or folk music. Why? Because they weren’t told which part of music is “valuableµ and which one is “kitschµ.
      It doesn’t matter anyway because we’ll take care to pervert them as they grow.
      For someone interested in the art history is very acceptable to make “the treeµ of the literary currents and tendencies as long as he doesn’t try to force us glorify a name and forget another.
      I personally believe that no other poet has succeeded to reach the perfection of Omar Khayyam’s poems and no other writer was able to write such a simple-saying-all book as it is done in Tao Te King. However, there are people that consider Khayyam’s literary adventure a shame for his scientist achievements and there are people calling Tao Te King dull and boring.
      Regardless of their words, I enjoy every minute I spend in the company of those poems and this book.
      Does this make me stupid? Does it make them stupid?
      Aren’t we all art lovers? Doesn’t THAT count?
      1 + 1 = 2.
      Dune + Tao Te King = two books in a library.
      It is not a true / false statement.
      It’s a state of soul.

© Copyright Lucian-Dragoş Bogdan
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