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Adda Marcu

Publicat Duminică, 6 Iulie 2008, ora 11:32

      Unspoken lies
      squeeze my frown heart,
      And an awful me
      violently dig visions
      in vertebral column,
      While from meteoric tomb
      a bastard eye is rising.
      Getting stuck
      into the lagoon of my iris
      With a tulip embracing
      lacerated flesh,
      Obscurity cracks
      flames in pancreas,
      And a violet evil
      stays crippled in my throat..
      Agony ignore
      my mummified energy,
      But someone in the darkness
      Reaches out to me,
      Through the wall of delirium
      And through the jump
      of a suicidal goal.
      Seeds of abnormal love
      grab my jugular vein,
      And guilt of death
      swallows denied salvation,
      It's a mess
      but from under
      my corrupted skin,
      Obsessions vanish
      my thousand hells.
      Fatal liquids devour my chest,
      And confusion crawling a saint
      between tendons,
      Rotten brain
      penetrates my slurries,
      And writhed in pain
      my soul quickly sloshes.

© Copyright Adda Marcu

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