A blow

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Adda Marcu

Publicat Sâmbătă, 14 August 2010, ora 18:05

      The sleet delights
      my shaggy hair
      With the adventure
      of a fatal danger,
      Satirical hope
      rubs silky apotheosis,
      And wisdom’s freckle crumbles
      my anger.
      A bramble ravishes
      my parasitical voices,
      And mows metempsychosis
      with a pirouette,
      And a boomerang spreads
      mentholated massacre
      Out of the blue.
      A peony winds
      my sterile soul as a slut,
      Against rules i shrink myself
      in a methane world,
      Autumn al love slings
      along my bandaged dispersion,
      Choleric nature turns me off.

© Copyright Adda Marcu

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