Paso doble - english (X)

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Paso doble - english (X)

Ion Untaru

Publicat Duminică, 17 Octombrie 2010, ora 10:10

      Call phone -
      tomcat carefully
      listen to talk

      Slowly coming home
      with a mauve butterfly
      on my shoulder

      writing a poem,
      you build up a castle,
      as a gift

      Wax sizzle
      frightened shadows
      hermit pray

      church snow-capped
      frightened shadows
      monk in meditation

      watch is broken
      this night the cock sleeps
      in the house

      Ball of needles
      confused, the dog is barking

      The ancient hut
      with ivy windows through
      which, the moon

      The blind sculptor
      cuts the stone,
      firstly caressing it

      If you didn’t come
      I left for you an apple
      on our bench

© Copyright Ion Untaru

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