Paso doble - english (XI)

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Paso doble - english (XI)

Ion Untaru

Publicat Vineri, 17 Decembrie 2010, ora 21:59

      Won on the street
      lost up to home,
      the last haiku

      Embraced by the dog
      and detached, remain
      full of hairs

      Awful winter ,
      throughout snow
      the girl with red boots

      From a pitiless
      cut tree, grow new

      Towards the convent,
      the nun climbs the hill
      with night on shoulders

      The sand keeps
      the traces of your steps;
      sea erases them

      Near the window
      cadger unfolds
      salami with bread

      on the mayor villa,
      a suspicious crow

      On the railway
      quietly passes
      a snail

      Drunk man along the way
      after him, the dog
      with hat in mouth

      I return from the garden
      with grapes
      and full of thistle

      Barefoot in the market
      under a left bower,
      watermelon with bread

      Swarm of flies
      sick dog do not take them
      any more, into account

      By crisis of time
      even haiku becomes

      Getting a piece of bread
      the beggar firstly
      kiss it

© Copyright Ion Untaru

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