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inspired from holy Bible


Ion Untaru

Publicat Duminică, 13 Martie 2011, ora 09:13

      From evil to stupidity is only a step.

      When bat is greater than justice, war knocks at the door

      An undiscovered grace, a failed life.

      Democracy can't be implement with tanks, nor by guns.

      Even a crooked peace is better than a right war.

      The one who talks more, does not mean he has more justice

      A friend may disappoint you but a good book, never.

      Strength is not an argument of justice.

      The man is a swarm of galaxies.

      Any removal from God, leads to suffering and death.

      Work ennobles, but neighter laziness killed anybody

      Any fall can become an opportunity for elevation

      If you are fifty years old and you wake up in the morning feeling no pain, it means you're dead!

      As lines of fate stand out on our palms, people fate is in their hands.

      Bread is the reason of all wars in the world.

      More brilliant light, more intense the shade is

      Before becoming generous, man is ancestorly selfish.

      He who wants to change the world, begins with himself.

      Some people live to amass, other to spend, and other to make goodness. Who is favourite, please?

      One more day has past, by what am I better than yesterday?

      Man can be sick from good life also.

      The world is like a mirror: what face you show to the world, same the world shows to you.

      The man that does not admit fault, little hope of his straightening

      Some people live to build, others to demolish

      Power against truth is rather an evidence of weakness

      He who doesn't always climb, in fact descends

      He who doesn't look always for peace, won't have part of it

      From a sick soul, a sick body.

      When virtue appears, defect lurks also

© Copyright Ion Untaru

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